The Amateur Astronomers Association offers two small, inexpensive classes covering the fundamentals of the solar system, stars, and the universe. Descriptive Astronomy—for beginners—runs in the fall, followed by Physical Astronomy—for intermediate students—in the spring. Each class consists of six two-hour sessions with one session each week.

We currently have two classes for our members:


AAA Fall-Winter Astronomy Class 2013 - The Solar System - November-December 2013

Instructor: Jaclyn Avidon

This class is an introduction to all things Solar System. We will start with some history and general physics. Then, we will begin our march through the Solar System covering the planets, some moons, and other interesting bodies. We will discuss their atmospheres, surfaces, interiors, and more. We will also talk about the various NASA missions that have gone to these fascinating places, and current areas of active research, like exoplanets. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Earth’s neighborhood, then this is the class for you! More...


AAA Fall-Winter Astronomy Class 2013 - Introduction to Celestial Mechanics - October-December 2013

Instructor: Dr. Sneha Honnappa

Have you every wondered why the inner planets of the solar system revolve more rapidly around the sun than the outer planets? Or what makes the moon go around the earth? Or why the rings of Saturn are flat? Perhaps you have an intuitive understanding of these phenomena but have never fully understood the underlying physical concepts.

This five-week course will answer these and other questions. It's basically an introductory course in classical mechanics, with an emphasis on the motion of celestial bodies. There's no textbook and no homework or problem solving. An understanding of high school math is assumed. Some familiarity with calculus would be helpful but not necessary. More...


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