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Calling All Telescopes - Donate to Support AAA Outreach Programs




Dear Members,

     Many of you have telescopes and other astronomy-related equipment (eyepieces, filters, etc.) that are no longer being used. Most likely, you have upgraded to better equipment and just couldn’t part with your old scope. Now there is a way to clear out your closet, get an IRS tax deduction and make a difference by supporting our AAA Outreach Program and students who are developing their interests in astronomy.

     Consider donating your used telescope to the AAA. As a 501C3 Not for Profit, we will provide you with documentation for your taxes.

     Once your scope is received, our members will make any necessary repairs to bring them up to observing specifications and use them for our outreach programs for schools around the city. We may also store these scopes close to the Highline and other AAA observing sites, making it possible for the public to use them as surprise adjunct observers. If this initiative is extremely successful, we may offer select scopes up for auction to the highest bidder at our annual AAA membership meeting to raise money for other club activities.

     Please think seriously about giving that telescope that’s in your closet or laying on the floor under the bed a new lease on life and contact us today. 

     To quote Galileo: “A telescope is a terrible thing to waste.”

     If you would like to participate in this program please contact Michael O’Gara at, or our president at

     Thank you in advance for thinking of others.

Michael David O'Gara
AAA Board Member