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The Amateur Astronomers Association has created a DVD Library.  The list of disks below will grow as we acquire more of them. You must be a member of the AAA and may borrow only one disk at a time for up to one month. There is no charge. Contact if you are interested.

Astronomy Magazine’s Infinite Cosmos and Secrets of the Stars series:
     Life and Death of a Star -- Forces of Gravity, White Dwarfs, All From the Stars, Explosive Collisions, Failed Stars
     Mars the Red Planet -- So Much Like Mars, Early Speculation, A Closer Look, Life On Mars, Spirit and Opportunity
     The Moon -- Lunar Extremes, Time, Tides and Origins, Lunar Theories, Lunar Samples, Giant Impact Theory
     Jupiter the Giant Planet -- A Churning Ball of Fire, The Red Spot, Secrets of Europa, The Magnetic Field, Listening to Jupiter
     The End of Earth: Deep Space Threats to Our Planet -- Cosmic Threats, Harmful Rocks, Gamma Ray Bursts, Turning Up the Heat, The Big Rip
     Spaceship Earth -- Impacting on Earth, Crashing into Existence, Origins of Life, Complex Life on Land, Ice Caps in Peril
     Saturn: Lord of the Rings -- The Gas Giant, The Mysterious Rings, Exploring Titan, Geysers on Enceladus, Search for Life
     Secrets of the Sun -- Introduction, A Celestial Blockbuster, The Power of Plasma, Forecasting Solar Threats, A Perfect Solar Storm, The Churning Surface of the Sun
     Constellations --  Distance Between Stars, The Changing Night Sky, Astronomy, Companion Stars, Star Motion
     Dark Matter/Dark Energy -- Elusive Dark Matter, The Search for WIMPS, Backbone of the Visible World, Creating Space, Mysteries of the Darkside
     Cosmic Collisions -- Collision Families, Collisions in Our Solar System, Mass Extinction, Permo-Triassic Extinctions, Galaxy Collisions
     Unexplained Mysteries -- Earth's Mass Extinction, Time Travel, Antimatter, Water on Mars, The Big Bang
     To the Moon -- Introduction, Sputnik, Project Mercury, The First Man in Space, First American in Space, JFK's Race to the Moon, Project Gemini,
Apollo 1, Saturn V Rocket, Apollo 8, Lunar Excursion Module, Apollo 11, The Eagle has Landed, Apollo 13, Apollo 15, Apollo17
     Alien Planets -- Types of Worlds, Hot Jupiters, Extreme Weather, Strange Worlds, Super Telescopes
     Astrobiology -- History of Life on Earth, Looking for Life on Mars, Plate Tectonics and Saturn's Moons, Our Milky Way Galaxy, Communicating with Aliens
     Supernovas -- Agents of Change, Exploding Stars, Core Collapse, Great Supernovas, Sweeping the Sky
     Apollo13: To the Edge and Back -- Race to the Moon, "Houston, We Have a Problem", The Need for Redundant Systems, Help on the Ground, The Far side of the Moon, Waiting and Enduring, Correcting the Trajectory, Re-Entry
     The Journey to Palomar -- Yerkes Observatory, Mount Wilson Observatory, Palomar Observatory (Part 1), Palomar Observatory (Part 2)
     Wildest Weather in the Cosmos -- Motion in the Atmosphere, Winds, Tornados, Rain, Biggest Storms
     Deadly Comets & Meteors -- Dangerous Impacts, Icy Bodies, Asteroids and Comets, Jupiter: Planetary Shield, Ongoing Threats
     Biggest Things in Space -- Space Clusters, Galaxies, Diameter, Mass, Asteroids
     Cosmic Phenomena -- Auroras,Cosmic Rays, The Sun, Ultraviolet Rays, Rainbows
     Mysteries of the Moon -- The Lunar Surface, Effects on Behavior, Different Perceptions, What if There was No Moon, Reflections from the Moon
     400 Years of the Telescope -- Invention, New Designs, Advanced Methods, Telescopes in Space, Acceleration, Future Telescopes, Closing
     Gravity -- Effects of Mass, Unlocking the Secrets of Gravity, Using Gravity, Artificial Gravity, G-Waves
     Race to the Moon: The Daring Adventure of Apollo 8 -- Countdown, To the Moon, Lunar Orbit, Earthrise, Homecoming
     Another Earth -- Theory, Habitable Zones, Super Earths, Alpha Centauri, Keplre Mission
     Life Beyond Earth -- Are We Alone?, Highway Through Time, How Life Evolved, Venus and Mars, Life Can Thrive, Other Icy Moons, Is Anybody Listening?, Exploring Deep Space, Signaling the Martians, A lot of Planets, Messages to the Stars, Intercosmic Symphony, What Would We Say?
     Alien Moons -- Many Moons, Jupiter: Moon Magnet, Icy and Molten Moons, Irregular Moons, Variety of the Solar System
     Death Stars -- Wolf-Rayet 104, Gamma-ray Burst, Death Star, Neutron Stars, Eta Carinae
     Edge of Space -- Space Diving, Earth Orbit, Space Debris, Genesis Spacecraft, Kepler Mission
     Death of a Star -- A Faint Patch of Light, What Kind of Star Blows Up?, A Crucial Test, A Bold Experiment
     The Search for Cosmic Clusters -- Star Clusters, Superclusters, Globular Clusters, Galaxy Clusters, Future Clusters
     Sputnik Declassified -- Before the Space Race, Rocket City U. S. A., Science and Politics, Legacies
     Astrospies -- A Window Into a Hidden World; The MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory); Launch Preparations; The Soviet Response
     Extreme Energy -- Transformers; Solar Power; Supermassive Black Holes; Geothermal Energy; Dark Energy
     Seven Wonders of the Solar System -- Enceladus, Great Red Spot, Asteroid Belt, Surface of the Sun, Earth
     It Fell From Space -- Asteroid 2008 TC3, Impacts, Extinction, Meteorites, Space Debris
     Hunt for Ringed Planets -- Saturn, How Rings Form, Uranus and Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto
     Biggest Blasts -- Energy, Theia Impact, Magnetars, Supernovas, The Big Bang
     Pulsars and Quasars -- Pulsating Stars, Crab Nebula, Vela Pulsar, When Galaxies Collide, Active Galactic Nuclei
     Secrets of Space Probes -- Robotic Proxies, Propelling Probes, Extrasolar Planets, Analyzing Comets, Solar Probe
     Liquid Universe -- Titan, Methane Lakes, Inside Jupiter, Brown Dwarfs, Europa
     Mars: The New Evidence -- Searching for Life, Water on Mars, Shaping of Mars, Meteorite Clues, Martian Methane
     Exploring Space: The Quest for Life -- Early Solar System; Pangaea, 250 Million Years Ago; Galileo, Solar System & Moons of Jupiter; MIR Space Station; Comparing Earth to Mars; SETI, Looking & Listening for Aliens; Manned Mission to Mars; Atmosphere of Earth
     Total Eclipse -- Vanishing Sun; Learning from Eclipses;Super Earths;Coronagraph; Solar Maximum; Light Curves
     Asteroid Attack -- Predicting Impact; Past Collisions; Asteroid Composition; Landing on an Asteroid; Preventing Disaster
     Dark Future of the Sun (NEW) -- Life of the Sun; Red Giant; Solar Apocalypse; Demise of the Sun; White Dwarf
     Magnetic Storm (NEW) -- Magnetic Apocalypse; Magnetosphere; Space Weather; Martian Magnetism; Power of Solar Flares
     NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory. Images and Handouts, 1999-2007
     Cosmic Collisions
     The Dynamic Sun
     Imagine the Universe! -- Cosmic Times, Astronomy Picture of the Day 2008, Imagine the Universe! (grades 7 and up) and Starchild (grades K-8)
     Lunar Nautics -- Welcome to Lunar Nautics, The Moon, Journey to the Moon, On the Moon, Resources, Educator Resources, Glossary
     Space Faring: The Radiation Challenge -- What is Radiation and Where Does it Come From?  Space Radiation and Human Health.  Protection from Space Radiation.

     The Pluto Files
     LRO/LCROSS Edition -- Introduction, Feature, LRO/LCROSS Mission, Extras

     Exploring Space: Quest for Life
     Starry Night (Demo Version)
     The Sky (Student Edition)

The Learning Company (sample):
     Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution; Black Holes