Classes and Courses

Astronomy can be as bewildering as it is entrancing. Missions to bodies in the solar system, planets orbiting distant stars, black holes and other exotic objects, and the very future of the universe, all seem to be in a state of flux with all the discoveries being made and theories being put forth these days.

The Amateur Astronomers Association helps members and the public keep up with this exciting field in a variety of ways:

The AAA underwrites its own lecture series at the American Museum of Natural History. Free of charge, anyone can attend a talk given by a scientist at the forefront of research.

The club offers very economical introductory classes in astronomy and astrophysics.

For those looking for elementary observing classes, both with and without telescopes Astro Elements classes. These are members-only events that deal with stargazing, constellations, weather, binocular-viewing and other activities surrounding basic stargazing.

Astro Answers offers a series of talks on hot topics in astronomy.

Our new Scopes for Schools program donates telescopes to New York City public schools, asking only that they make good use of the telescopes in the classroom, at special events, and in their local community.

We conduct hands-on, technical, members-only workshops at the Adorama store in Manhattan.