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The Amateur Astronomers Association offers two small, inexpensive classes covering the fundamentals of the solar system, stars, and the universe. Descriptive Astronomy—for beginners—runs in the fall, followed by Physical Astronomy—for intermediate students—in the spring. Each class consists of six two-hour sessions with one session each week.

We currently have the following classes for our members:


AAA Fall Astronomy Class 2014 – Introduction to Amateur Astronomy – October-November 2014

Instructor: Jason Kendall

This six-week class will focus on some of the critical elements of amateur astronomy: what things are up there and how we can observe them. There will be a strong emphasis on remote observing using real telescopes at distant locations.

Wednesday, Oct 15 – Remote Observing preview and assignment. Using MicroObservatory, SIMBAD, POSS, iTelescope and Sierra Stars Observatory.

Wednesday, Oct 22 – The formation of the Solar System. Also, observing asteroids, comets and the planets with our telescopes.

Wednesday, Oct 29 – The Sun as a star, what it is, and how it works. Also solar observing.

Wednesday, Nov 5 – The stars of our Milky Way (clusters, young and old stars, star life, birth and death). Also, variable star observing.

Wednesday, Nov 12 – The realm of the galaxies. Also, visiting dark sky locations for deep observing.

Wednesday, Nov 19 – Exoplanets and exobiology: Kepler Space Telescope, TESS, JWST, Curiosity. Final Exam.

This is not a class designed for you to “just come sit and listen”. It’s a class where you’ll bring questions in and take ideas and assignments out. Once enrolled, students will be asked to submit one question on each of the following topics, which will then be covered in the class:

— Solar System Formation and evolution
— The Sun as a star
— The Milky Way: the stars and nebulae and objects that comprise it.
— The Galaxies.


About the Instructor:
Jason Kendall is a member of the AAA Board of Directors and on the staff of the Physics Department at William Paterson University in New Jersey. He taught an AAA class, Introduction to Astrophysics, in the Spring of 2011.

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