AAA members don’t just observe they record the celestial heavens. From wide views of atmospheric phenomena to deep sky objects, from New York City to dark sky deserts, our image makers are out there bringing the universe to you. Here’s a sample of their work. (Click on thumbnails to link to pages)


Stanley Fertig Gallery

Michael Krypel Gallery

Michael Krypel Gallery


Alexander Kivenyshev Gallery

Julian Parks Gallery

Julian Parks Gallery


2012 Annular Solar Eclipse

Sun on the horizon.

2011 Manhattanhenge

Milky Way over Fajada Butte.

Stan Honda Gallery

Star Trails, New Hampshire, Canon AE-1

Mike Naideau Gallery

M8, Lagoon Nebula

Deep Sky by Joe DiNapoli

Oct. 27, 2004 total lunar eclipse

Urban Lunar Eclipses

Comet Hyakutake by Michael O'Gara


Occultation of the Pleiades by the moon by Tony Hoffman

(Mostly) Urban Astro-images

Total solar eclipse by Michael O'Gara

Our Sun