Star Fests

From the very first one in 1995, the AAA has held annual Star Fests mainly in New York’s Central Park. We’ve recently expanded to have a spring Star Fest at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Look to our website or the Facebook page for announcements of upcoming Star Fests. (Click below to link to image pages)

A program from the First Star Fest in 1995

The First Star Fest in 1995


Al Nagler of TeleVue talks about his path from the Bronx to the Apollo moon landing program, by Stan Honda.

2014 Autumn Urban Star Fest

AAA member Jason Kendall gives a tour of the sky, by Stan Honda.

2014 Spring Star Fest

2013 Autumn Star Fest, Photos by Stan Honda

2013 Autumn Urban Star Fest

Telescopes on the ellipse by mausoleums.

2013 Spring Star Fest

2011 Star Fest

2011 Autumn Urban Star Fest

Star Fest 2010 in Central Park.

2010 Autumn Urban Star Fest

Star Fest 2008

2008 Autumn Urban Star Fest