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Lunar Eclipse 2008



Tom McIntyre Photo 11:42PM Jackson Heights


Last Wednesday's total eclipse of the Moon turned out quite well.  In the early stages, the Moon had to be spotted through thick clouds, but earlier than expected the clouds thinned out.  By totality (10 PM) we had clear views.  The dark red color of the Moon visible in totality was spectacular and easily seen with the naked eye.  Adding to the beauty of the event were nearby planet Saturn and bright star Regulus.

Those of us in Carl Schurz Park, Park Slope and Jackson Heights had a great time.  At Carl Schurz the public was slow in arriving, no doubt because of the forecast and the clouds, not to mention the cold weather.  As the clouds dissipated, people came in large numbers.  Altogether several hundred viewed the eclipse.  Bruce Kamiat, Rik Davis and Peter Tagatac brought scopes.  Viewed through a telescope, Saturn proved more popular than the eclipse.

During totality the rest of the sky came alive, even in light-polluted New York.  Mars and the bright winter stars became obvious and several people were able to see the Orion Nebula through binoculars.  Large numbers of people stayed until 11 PM, when totality had just ended.


Marcelo Cabrera Photo 11:37PM Midtown Manhattan


Reports from Park Slope and Jackson Heights were just as positive.  John Swierzbin, Joe Delfausse, Christine Seger and Ron McCullough were at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street in Park Slope.  Well over one hundred people viewed the eclipse as well as Saturn.  In Jackson Heights, Tom McIntyre treated 50 to 60 viewers to the Moon and Saturn.  Tom also took a photo at 11:42 PM of the Moon near the end of the eclipse.

Other members like Julian Parks and Kevin Duffy watched the event in their own neighborhood.  John Maynard observed it from East 13th Street in the East Village.  No doubt many more of you were watching as well.