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Bruce Kamiat - Sketch of Galaxy M81 and Galaxy M82




Sketch of galaxy M81 and galaxy M82


Bruce Kamiat: Sketch of the M81/M82 galaxy group as seen through my 6" f/5 Newtonian telescope in a very dark Vermont mountain sky. I have included a low-power view (30x through a 26 mm Plössl) to show both galaxies together in the same telescopic field and detail views of each at the bottom (60x through a 13 mm Plössl).

On the lower right, note the bright, concentrated nucleus of M81, which harbors a supermassive black hole. Just the faintest hint is the most I can see of the spiral-arm structure in my 6" telescope. These galaxies are about 11 million light-years away in the direction of Ursa Major. That makes them among the very closest galaxies to our own Local Group.

© Bruce Kamiat