International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

Saturday night, April 12, 2008, is the 2nd International Sidewalk Astronomy Night.  We call on all amateur astronomers to take their telescopes and binoculars out for the public to enjoy the wonders of the night sky.  A first-quarter Moon will be visible, as will the planets Saturn and Mars.  More information can be found at, where you can register so people will know where to find you.
If you are participating, we’d like to spread the word so people will know where to go.  Let me know where and when you will be that evening, and I’ll post the information.  If you don’t have a scope or binoculars, join someone who is.  So far we have:
Tom McIntyre — 65th Street and Columbus Avenue, Manhattan
Bruce Kamiat and Rik Davis — 81st Street and Central Park West, Manhattan
Jeffrey Jacobs — Bleeker Street and Sixth Avenue, 7:30 PM, Manhattan
Jason Kendall — in Inwood Park on the soccer fields
Richard Rosenberg — Brooklyn Heights Promendade (end of Montague Street), 7:30 PM



Richard Rosenberg