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THIS MONTH’S SKY - September 2013

Evening Planets: Venus continues its appearance low in the western evening sky. On the 8th a beautiful gathering of the Moon, Venus, and the bright star Spica appears. The next evening (September 9) Saturn is 2 degrees north of the Moon. On the 20th Venus is 4 degrees south of Saturn. Four days later Mercury, very low in the west, will be 0.8 degrees north of Spica.

Evening Stars: The Summer Triangle is at its peak. This trio of first-magnitude stars consist of Vega in Lyra, Deneb in Cygnus and Altair in Aquila. Vega and Deneb are overhead now. To the east look for the second magnitude stars in Pegasus, Cassopeia, Andromeda and Perseus.

Morning Planets: First Jupiter, followed by Mars, will be visible.

Morning Stars: The Summer Triangle is low in the west and the second magnitude stars mentioned above are now high in the west. By now the brilliant stars of summer have risen. Nearly overhead is Auriga the Charioteer. Below him are Gemini the Twins, containing Jupiter, Taurus the Bull and the magnificent constellation Orion are all visible.

September’s Events:
2 – The Moon is 6 degrees south of Mars.
5 – New Moon 7:36 AM EDT.
5 – Venus is 1.8 degrees upper right of Spica.
8 – The crescent Moon passes 0.8 degrees north of Spica.
8 – The crescent Moon is 0.4 degrees south of Venus.
8 – Mars is in the Beehive Cluster.
9 – The Moon is 2 degrees south of Saturn.
12 – First Quarter Moon 1:08 PM EDT.
19 – Full Moon 7:13 PM EDT.
19 – Venus passes 3.5 degrees below Saturn.
22 – September Equinox at 4:44 PM EDT. Autumn begins.
24 – Mercury is 0.7 degrees north of Spica. Look 30 minutes after sunset.
26 – Last Quarter 11:55 PM EDT.
28 – The Moon is 5 degrees below Jupiter.