Far from letting life under some of the world’s most light-polluted skies deter us from actively viewing the night sky, we in the AAA are dedicated to not only observing the heavens ourselves but also introducing the public to the wonders of astronomy. In cooperation with the New York City Department of Parks, the United States National Park Service, and other organizations, the Amateur Astronomers Association holds observing sessions at several locations in and around New York City.

Members bring telescopes and binoculars through which everyone is invited to look. We provide instruction on how to find objects in the night sky. If you’re thinking of getting binoculars or a telescope yourself, this is a good opportunity to look at and through some equipment and ask questions of experienced users.

Our observing locations are listed below. Each location has its own webpage, with details and instructions on getting there:





Staten Island

Dark Sky Observing


Here are a few links to astronomy oriented weather services:


And for those of you interested in when the ISS (International Space Station) will be passing overhead: