High Line – Solar Observing

The AAA hosts solar observing on the High Line one Tuesday afternoon each month from April through August. We also have nighttime observing on the High Line later that same day.

Observing will take place near the 14th Street entrance or just south of the Standard Hotel, which crosses over the High Line near 13th Street. For more information about the High Line, including directions, please visit our High Line page.

We have telescopes equipped with special filters for viewing the Sun. You may bring your own equipment, but we insist on strict safety provisions due to the dangers of improperly filtered direct solar viewing. All devices used for direct solar viewing must be fitted with approved filters.

Expert solar astronomer and AAA board member Tom Haeberle leads our Solar Observing. When you arrive, just look for Tom and his solar-filtered Telescope and enjoy.

What is there to see on the Sun right now?

Chair: Tom Haeberle

2017 Observing Dates
Tuesday afternoons – 6 p.m. to Sunset

May 9
June 6
July 11
August 8


Weather Prospects

Cancellations due to weather will be posted on the AAA Google Calendar and the AAA Facebook page. You can expect it to be canceled if the clouds are thick or if it’s raining. Let’s hope for clear skies!

Click here for the Current Weather Forecast.

Current satellite Map. Click for animated version