High School for Environmental Studies (Manhattan)

The High School for Environmental Studies, located on West 58th Street in Manhattan, was founded in 1990 in response to growing public awareness of environmental issues.  There are about 1600 students in grades 9-12, drawn from all parts of the city through the Educational Opportunities application process.  Most students take Earth Science in their early years at the school, and many graduate with an emphasis on the sciences.

During our first visit to the school in October 2016, we found that the school already had a number of telescopes that were in various states of disrepair and were not being used.  On a subsequent visit to examine the scopes in more detail, we determined that all of them could be put in working order with minor repairs.  This effort is now underway.  We will also be purchasing various accessories to supplement their observing activities.

The school has a roof garden with especially good views to the south and the southwest, as well as a decent view to the north.  There is little lighting there, making it a good spot for stargazing.  The school’s proximity to Lincoln Center offers the possibility of them joining our weekly AAA stargazing events on the Lincoln Center Plaza.

The school doesn’t have an astronomy club at present, but there is interest in starting one.