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Space Shuttle Discovery Launch


AAA member Stan Honda sent the following pictures he took of the space shuttle Discovery (STS-133) launch on February 24, 2011. All photos taken with Nikon D3 cameras.

Thank you Stan!


Remote camera with 16mm fisheye at about 800 feet from the launch pad.


Remote with 50mm lens, same spot as previous picture.


Remote with 35mm lens, southwest of launch pad, about 0.72 miles.


Remote wtih 85mm lens, southeast of launch pad, about 0.4 miles.


Remote with 28mm lens, northeast of pad, about 1,300 feet. This area inside the pad was closed by pad safety officers after launch so we weren't able to retrieve it until the next day.



From roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building, 400mm with 1.7x teleconverter = 680mm


Same location, 70-200mm zoom at 175mm


Same location, 680mm, about 10 seconds after liftoff.


Solid Rocket Booster separation, 28 miles altitude, 25 miles downrange.


Photographers on roof of VAB, I'm 2nd from left. With 24mm lens, triggered by radio remote on the long telephoto camera.


Remote camera with 50mm, about 800 feet from pad.


Discovery crew walking to Astrovan about 4 hours before launch.


Our inside the pad camera set up from the November 2010 launch attempt for STS-133. NASA eventually postponed the launch after a hydrogen leak and finding cracks on the external fuel tank. We had to wear white cotton coverall due to safety concerns that day. They also made for fun pictures.


Me in fishing waders with our custom box and cameras in the swamp area southwest of the pad for STS-127 in July 2009.