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The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York was founded in 1927. Its several hundred members take advantage of the lectures, classes and observing sessions provided by the club to better enjoy astronomy, whether intellectually, aesthetically, or both. The club's headquarters are in the Downtown Community Center at 120 Warren Street in lower Manhattan.




The club is run by a Board of Directors operating under club By Laws. Members of the board are club members, and any member in good standing may become a candidate for a three-year term on the board.  The officers of the Amateur Astronomers Association are elected by the members of the Board.  For 2014-2015, the officers are:




Marcelo Cabrera

Vice President   

Susan Andreoli

Financial Secretary

Joe Delfausse

Recording Secretary

Evan Schneider 


Tom Haeberle

Members of the Board of Directors (term ends May 31 of specified year):

Susan Andreoli (2017) Jaclyn Avidon (2016) Rori Baldari (2016) 
Luis Marcelo Cabrera (2016) Katherine Troche (2015) Joe Delfausse (2015)
Tom Haeberle (2017) Tony Hoffman (2015) Stan Honda (2015)
Jason Kendall (2016) Joseph Martinez (2016) Ron McCullough (2015)
Michael O'Gara (2017) Christina Pease (2017)  Evan Schneider (2017)
Peter Tagatac (2015)    


Each year, on the third Wednesday in May, the club has its Annual Meeting. Here members gather to meet, eat, listen to descriptions of club activities in the past year, learn the financial status of the cub, and vote for open seats on the Board of Directors. Next year's meeting will be held on May 20, 2015.


Membership in the club is inexpensive, only $35 per year. Membership begins, and dues are collected, on an annual basis, at the start of every calendar year. Membership dues received in November or December are applied to the following year.


If desired, members can receive subscriptions to Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines for a reduced price.


To apply for membership, please follow our membership application instructions.



In its over 80 year lifetime, the club has had several distinguished presidents (terms of office are given):

Dr. Clyde Fisher
(May 1927-June 1936)
Dr. Orestes H. Caldwell
(June 1936-June 1938)
Dr. Clement S. Brainin
(June 1938-June 1952)
Leo Mattersdorf
(June 1952-May 1954)
Virginia Geiger
(May 1954-June 1954)
W. Wallace Benjamin
(June 1954-June 1956)
Robert Frey
(June 1956-June 1958)
Edgar M. Paulton
(June 1958-June 1960)
Aileen A. Pindar
(June 1960-June 1962)
Patrick V. Rizzo
(June 1962-June 1964)
Alfred Goldsmith
(June 1964-June 1966)
Antoinette Pridmore
(June 1966-June 1967)
Jane H. Douglas
(June 1967-June 1969)
Abel M. Silvan
(June 1969-June 1971)
Carmine V. Borzelli, Jr.
(June 1971-June 1973)
David Nevin
(June 1973-June 1975)
Carmine V. Borzelli, Jr.
(June 1975-June 1977)
Philip Pinches
(June 1977-September 1978)
John Marshall
(November 1978-June 1985)
Sidney I. Scheuer
(June 1985-June 1988)
John Pazmino
(June 1988-June 1990)
Fred C. Hess
(June 1990-June 1992)
Lynn Darsh
(June 1992-June 2002)
Michael O'Gara
(June 2002-June 2006)
Richard Rosenberg
(June 2006-June 2012)
Marcelo Cabrera
(June 2012-present) 


The Amateur Astronomers Medal award was established by the club in 1943 to recognize meritorious service by amateurs to the science of astronomy.  Past recipients are:

1948   R. W. Porter 1950   L. C. Peltier 1956  Albert G. Ingall
1952   E. A. Halbach 1952   D. W. Rosebrugh 1957   G. C. Flammarion
1957   J. W. Gagan 1970   Patrick Moore 1970   Minoru Honda
1971   David W. Dunham 1971   Charles A. Federer, Jr. 1971   Walter H. Hass
1972   Patrick V. Rizzo 1974   Richard S. Luce 1975   Dmitri Maksutov
1977   Herbert A. Luft 1977   Walter Scott Houston 1985   John Marshall
1986   Fred C. Hess 1992   John Pazmino 1996   Sidney Scheuer
2003   Tony Hoffman 2008   Robert Little 2008   Ed Oravec
2014   Al Nagler