The Club

  1. The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York was founded in 1927.

The club is run by a Board of Directors operating under club By Laws. Members of the board are club members, and any member in good standing may become a candidate for a three-year term on the board.  The officers of the Amateur Astronomers Association are elected by the members of the Board.  For 2017-2018, the officers are:



Peter Tagatac

Vice President

Rori Baldari

Financial Secretary

Stanley Fertig

Recording Secretary

Irene Pease


Tom Haeberle

Membership Secretary

Joe Delfausse

Members of the Board of Directors (term ends May 31 of specified year):


Rori Baldari (2019) Susan Andreoli (2020) Joe Delfausse (2018)
John Benfatti  (2019) Tom Haeberle (2020) Tony Hoffman (2018)
Luis Marcelo Cabrera (2019) Faissal Halim (2020) Stan Honda (2018)
Otto Chin (2019) Irene Pease (2020) Peter Tagatac (2018)
Stanley Fertig (2020) David Kaufman (2018)
 Sam Hahn (2018)


Each year, on the third Wednesday in May, the club has its Annual Meeting. Here members gather to meet, eat, listen to descriptions of club activities in the past year, learn the financial status of the club, and vote for open seats on the Board of Directors. Next year’s meeting will be held on May 16, 2018.



In its over 90 year lifetime, the club has had many distinguished presidents:


Dr. Clyde Fisher
(May 1927-June 1936)
Dr. Orestes H. Caldwell
(June 1936-June 1938)
Dr. Clement S. Brainin
(June 1938-June 1952)
Leo Mattersdorf
(June 1952-May 1954)
Virginia Geiger
(May 1954-June 1954)
W. Wallace Benjamin
(June 1954-June 1956)
Robert Frey
(June 1956-June 1958)
Edgar M. Paulton
(June 1958-June 1960)
Aileen A. Pindar
(June 1960-June 1962)
Patrick V. Rizzo
(June 1962-June 1964)
Alfred Goldsmith
(June 1964-June 1966)
Antoinette Pridmore
(June 1966-June 1967)
Jane H. Douglas
(June 1967-June 1969)
Abel M. Silvan
(June 1969-June 1971)
Carmine V. Borzelli, Jr.
(June 1971-June 1973)
David Nevin
(June 1973-June 1975)
Carmine V. Borzelli, Jr.
(June 1975-June 1977)
Philip Pinches
(June 1977-September 1978)
John Marshall
(November 1978-June 1985)
Sidney I. Scheuer
(June 1985-June 1988)
John Pazmino
(June 1988-June 1990)
Fred C. Hess
(June 1990-June 1992)
Lynn Darsh
(June 1992-June 2002)
Michael O’Gara
(June 2002-June 2006)
Richard Rosenberg
(June 2006-June 2012)
Marcelo Cabrera
(June 2012-September 2017)
 Peter Tagatac
(September 2017-present)