AAA Members Only – Astronomy Forum

One of the many membership benefits is access to the Members Only – Astronomy Forum.


How to access the Forum?

To access the Astronomy Forum you need to know your Member ID or registered email address and your AAA assigned initial password or your own password if you changed it.

Proceed to the Member Portal and enter your login information. Once you are logged in, one of the options is Login to Forum, select that option and then proceed to Log me into Forum.

The login process is automatic and you do not need an username or password for the forum, however a login screen might temporarily appear, it should log you in automatically.

Once the login is complete, you should see a page similar to this:

2016-04-11 19_28_03-Amateur Astronomers Association of New York


Please note that some areas of interest have been circled on the image above, and that the contents and names will be different for you.


How to setup my profile and change my display name and avatar?

Click on My Profile and then select Edit Profile, there you can modify your display name if you desire or select Modify Avatar and upload an image to use as your personalized avatar.


How to subscribe to specific content, get notification emails?

Click on My Profile and then select Email Notification Preferences, there you can modify your notification preferences. If you selected notifications for topics or forums you have selectively  watched and wish to add forums or topics to the list, then navigate to a category, forum or topic by clicking on it’s title and then select Watch Forum from the options below it.


Rules of the Astronomy Forum

Forum Etiquette

To achieve the purpose for which the forum was created and to keep an open, positive environment, members should follow some simple DOs and DON’Ts.

  • DO ask and answer posted questions.
  • DO express opinions and be prepared to back them up with facts.
  • DO be polite; members can disagree without being disagreeable.
  • DON’T engage in personal attacks or use profanity, insulting, abusive or malicious language.

By utilizing this forum, you agree to those simple rules and to such others as common sense and courtesy to fellow members suggest. If you can’t abide by the rules, do not post.

Forum Moderation

The forum operates with light moderation. Our moderators will investigate complaints concerning posts and may move, delete and lock threads, edit or delete posts, and ban users temporarily or permanently. Their decision in such matters is final.


Members’ accounts are linked to their membership portal I.D. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.

Personal information

Please do not share personally identifiable information publicly on these forums. Publishing personal information about third parties without their consent will result in a permanent ban. Sharing the content of private messages on the forums without permission is not allowed.


Each posted message reflects the views and opinions of the original poster and not those of The Amateur Astronomers Association of NY or its forum administrators and moderators.